You are a member of a secret society with a mission of the utmost importance.

You will have encounters with other members around the PATH where you will obtain information to get closer to fulfilling your mission.

Clandestine Rendezvous is an adventure taking place in downtown Toronto’s PATH during the day on Friday, February 12, 2016. Participants receive a set of appointment cards that direct them to specific locations at precise times at which they will meet other operatives and exchange information with them. Each rendezvous will provide a clue to solve the case.

During the day?!

Yes, the event is taking place during a Friday afternoon to take full advantage of spaces that are only accessible at such times. If you work maybe you can book a day off? Skip school?

It will start some time in the early afternoon, around 1:30pm, and last about 2.5 hours.


Anyone is invited to attend. You should have a sense of adventure and stealth and be willing to attempt to pass as a person entitled to visit downtown buildings, lest your mission be compromised. Office or courier drag is encouraged. You can go alone or with a partner.


A $5 donation is requested to cover printing costs and labour. If that’s too much, any amount (including 0) is welcome.


Do you have accessibility needs we should know about? Please tell us when you register and we will work with you to ensure you can participate.


You must register to attend the event, as scheduling each rendezvous depends on knowing who will attend. If you’re uncertain whether you can make it, register anyway; you can cancel up until the day before.


This is not the registration form, that’s here.

you found a secret